What to Look for in a Preowned Manufactured Home

Is price main factor?

When faced with buying a new home, many young first-time buyers are discouraged at the high price of site built homes. A preowned manufactured home can help buyers with little money for a down payment or bad credit break out of renting and into home ownership. The price, quality and condition of preowned manufactured homes vary widely. It can be easy to buy a home that has been poorly maintained or abused, but if you know what to look for, you can get a great deal from your local general contractors firm.

Manufacture homes were once known for shoddy workmanship and bare bones housing, but today’s homes meet higher quality standards. They often feature amenities, such as whirlpool bath tubs, kitchen center islands and integrated stereo systems, that are usually only available in site built homes that cost much more. Manufactured homes are also decorated with the newest wallpaper designs and carpet colors. Sometimes these surface upgrades mask real problems that you should be aware of.

The first thing a potential home buyer should check is the exterior doors and windows. Many manufactured homes scrimp on these critical items. Doors should be solid and heavy. Some homes feature lightweight aluminum doors. These doors are easy to break down, making it easier for an intruder to enter your home. They should shut firmly with no visible gaps. A poor fitting door can lead to increased utility bills. Windows should be double-paned, and like the doors, they should fit flush into the window frame. Check the condition of the frames for signs of pry marks and make sure that the screens are in good condition.

Check all light fixtures and switches and electric outlets. In older homes especially, wiring was sometimes substandard. If the wall plates or screws are missing, it is a sign that amateur electric work has been done on the home. Manufactured homes burn at a higher rate than site built homes, so any signs of a faulty wiring system should be cause for alarm.

Interior doors, drawers and cabinets should be checked to make sure they all open and shut smoothly and with little effort. Doors that do not close correctly can be the result of a home that is improperly leveled, or it could be a sign that the manufactured home was damaged when it was moved or installed on the property. Some doors are hollow plywood. If privacy is important to you, these doors should be replaced.

If you have your own land and you would like to buy a preowned manufactured home to place on it, check you neighborhoods regulations. Some restricted neighborhoods do not allow manufactured homes.

With an increase in quality and easy financing options, a manufactured home may be the perfect solution to your housing needs.

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