Rubber Splash Pads Surface

Rubber Splash Pads Surface

Water parks are some of the most fun recreational facilities there are. Particularly on those long, hot summer days that seem to foster boredom, a water park is a terrific recreational option for many reasons: keeping cool in the hot summer sun, fun physical activity, and the relative safety of well-designed water parks.

Part of that safety design often includes bonded rubber splash pads

Bonded rubber surfaces have zoomed in popularity in recent years. Not only can they be made from recycled rubber, they can be made in a rainbow of colors, they’re easily accessible for children who use mobility aids, and they do a great job of cushioning the falls that are a natural part of playing in a water park.

So effective is bonded rubber as a safety surface in water parks that hotels are starting to use a clear version of it as a cost effective, non-slip surface in bathtubs, and are seeing sharp decreases in accidents as a result.

The reasons these surfaces improve safety are two-fold. For one thing, when poured to proper depth they cushion falls in accordance with federal safety regulations for play surfaces. Additionally, they help prevent falls in the first place due to the texture that includes tiny indentations in the surface that pull in water. When someone steps on the wet surface, the effect is of hundreds of little suction cups that help prevent slips without “grabbing” the sole of the foot.

Bonded rubber surfaces are popular indoors and out, on jogging tracks, ball fields, and playgrounds. This surface technology is only beginning to reveal all its possibilities, from inlaid mascot or logo designs to slip resistant water park surfaces to increased accessibility for those who rely on mobility aids. Bonded rubber surfaces are quietly revolutionizing recreation everywhere.