playground surfacing

Playground Surfacing

Playground Surfacing with Rubber

Bonded Rubber represents a new era of playground surfacing. It makes a great safety surface because of its ability to cushion falls, its comfort, and its accessibility for wheelchairs and other mobility equipment. Bonded rubber meets ASTM 1292 guidelines for fall heights of up to 12 feet. Our rubber systems are tested for fall heights up to 10 feet as a limited number of structures reach this height due to the safety concerns.
Proper installation of bonded rubber playground surfaces requires that the base underneath it meet depth, slope, and tolerance requirements. The thickness of the bonded rubber surface can be made to vary in order to meet critical fall heights that vary depending on the play equipment it underlies.

Playground Surfacing 2 Layer Poured Rubber

Bonded rubber makes a very comfortable surface for walking, and is, in fact, used in industrial applications where workers are required to stand for long periods of time.
The accessibility of bonded rubber surfaces is superior, ensuring access to the playground whether on foot, with walking aids, or via wheelchair. This surface is made to be porous, so that water doesn’t puddle, making it play ready under most weather conditions. Bonded rubber surfaces do not freeze, either, providing a safe surface even in cold weather.
Bonded rubber playground surfaces are seamless surfaces made from recycled rubber tires, pigment, and polyurethane binder. Once in place, the surface is coated with environmentally friendly sealant. It is available in many colors, and in fact different colored sections of the surfacing have been used to create aesthetically pleasing, award winning designs. The use of different colors can give the entire playground a more natural look if muted greens and browns are used, or it can be used to make a colorful, energetic environment with bright primary colors that resist fading.
Though most bonded rubber systems come with 5 year warranties, and have actually been observed to last far longer, making them an economical choice for the long term.